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This challenge is a week-long high intensity interval training program that consists of over 30 different exercises to increase strength, endurance and flexibility! Equipment is required for most days, but not all. Feel free to use weights or resistnace bands. 


The challenge is the following:

  • Monday - High-intensity day
  • Tuesday - Pull day
  • Wednesday - Lower body day
  • Thursday - Push day
  • Friday - Full-body Day
  • Saturday and Sunday - Active rest days


The challenge has the following:

  • Video demonstrations
  • Recommended stretches for cooldown/warmup
  • Recommended Spotify workout playlists
  • Highlighted target muscle


"But I'm not sure if the difficulty level is for me!"

  •  There's a difficulty level for everyone, including:



The challenge of this mini-program is to not only make it through the workout but to stay consistent throughout the week! I understand a lot of us find it challenging to adhere to our fitness goals after January 1st even when motivation isn't there. This should give you a perfect start! 


Let's go!


release date: 1/16/2023

no refunds



High Intensity Interval Training Challenge - Week 1

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